The Michigan State Spartans will have a new look

MSU neon jerseys selling faster than expected

LANSING, Mich. The Michigan State Spartans will have a new look Saturday night when they take on Western Michigan for their second game of the season and the jerseys are selling faster than expected.

At first, Michigan State fans thought their new jerseys could use some work but now that they’re available, those opinions have changed just a bit.

“To see a different jersey and another concept, and to know it’s designed by our team, honestly it’s nice to see a new change,” Don Martin, MSU student said.

The student bookstore on campus is just one of the places selling the jerseys.

“When I first saw them I was a bit shocked, but they’ve really grown on me, when you see them on a person as opposed to on a hanger, they look a lot different,” Greg Ballein, Manager at MSU Student Book Store said.

Ballein said they’re flying off the shelves that’s good for business and school spirit.

“When they bring it out at the end of the season for the Michigan game, Ohio State or something like that, it kind of limits the appeal of it, so to speak.” Ballein said.

## ## The color scheme shocking to most, but no unprecedented.

“I know last year they were incorporating the neon in the basketball jerseys, so I’m not surprised that they came out with it, but I like it.” Rebecca King, an MSU student said.

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